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Responsive Websites –
            with and without CMS Joomla

A good website is the figurehead of your Project. Here you can offer your customers all the information around you firm or project.
I will develop a good structured Design and handling, easy to use and matching you firm philosophy.
It is important fo get to know you and your issue in a personal conversation to invent the best design for you.



1.) Planning of structure and content



2.) two or three layouts from which you can choose



3.) Programming the design of your choice for the website



4.) A maintenance contract for your security

Please contact me for any questions concerning webdesign.

Check it on your own mobile:

Is your site really responsive

Responsive Design is very important for two reasons.

First: The customer sits for example in a coffeeshop and checks the latests offers on his mobile or tablet. What is new? How can I get to the next bookstore? Which hairdresser is near to me? What exactly were the opening hours of my dentist?

If you are not visible on a mobile you are not existing at all.
But it is not enough to be just visible. Important is if your homepage is readable and smoothly to navigate.


Second:. Google ranks websites better which are optimized for mobile devices.

Pages that vary font sizes matching the used device and the navigation get a higher ranking than pages that have to be scrolled or enlarged.
So if you want to be found by the search engines choose responsive.

Content - Management - System

Das Open-source CMS Joomla

Joomla ii one of the most popular Open-Source CMS Systems. Similar to Wordpress, Contao, Drupal and  many more, it helps you, to manage your Website-Content even without knowledge of Programming. After your Joomla-Site is designed you will get a tutorial, so you will learn quickly how to refresh your texts and change your images or keep your calendar up to date.

Joomla exists in lots of languages. The Community-System with more than 200.000 Members ensures that Joomla will be regularely expanded in its functions and in security. 

Lots of companies and Institutions around the world rely on Joomla and its advantages. Lots of modules, plugins and components, as Calendars Formularsystems and Backupservices you can insert just as you need them.

In all Content-Management-Systems it is important always to install the latest updates. So security gaps are closed and hackers will find it harder to enter your webspace.

I also offer you a Maintenance contract to keep ypur site on the secure side.

Training for you and your Empoyees in the usage of CMS Joomla.


When your website is ready I will make a training for you and/or your employees in the handling of the CMS system. Whether you want to change texts, photos or update your calendar, I will explain how to do it. Even if you have no great knowledge about webdesign.
On top you will get a PDF with Screenshots and explanations to use when you want to refresh your knowledge.
In your optional Maintenance contract you have got half an hour per month telephone support to ask questions if there is anything that remains unclear.

The Maintenance Contract

To be on the secure side, you can book a Maintance contract. Here I will regularly backup your site, safe them and will install the monthly Security Updates.

The Backups are important, so you do not loose any changes in case your site would be damaged. I will keep theses backups for 6 Months, just in case you might need them.

The latest Joomla Core will appear monthly and close security gaps that might appear. Extensions will also be refreshed so hackers will find it hard to enter your webspace.

From 30,- Euro/Month you can protect and safe your data..

Basic Maintanance packet (30,- Euro/Month)

  • Backup of the whole site inclusive Design and Content

  • Saving the Backups for 6 Months

  • Installing the latest Joomla-Updates

  • Checking the Extensions and installing updates

  • 0,5 h Telephone-support per month for your questions

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