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Graphicdesign / Print

Graphic - Art

Good Graphic Art is appealing –
no matter if online or offline

Corporate Design

Your own Corporate Design, tailored to you or your firm, creates a high recognition value for your customers. Your word- or figurative mark, your special color, your typography, all that contributes to your firm identity.

A Corporate Design accompanies all your products, makes them recognizable straight away - on paper or in the web.

Logos, Corporate Design

I offer to develop a Corporate Design for you that represents you or your products as good as possible.

Together we will find the right colours, typeface or icon that will represent you and your projects.

You will get a scaleable version für print and a low resolution version for your website. Also you can order your business cards and letterheads.

Please contact me für an unbinding offer.


Paper is still "up to date" !

Printproducts are still omnipresent. As flyers, brochures, magazines, books, banners oder exhibition equipment.

A lot of firms use the combination of print and online products. A flyer reaches other target groups and can draw the attention to a special online product. So your advertising reaches a wider range.

Flyer und Broschüren

Printproducts you hand over to a customer in a personal conversation will have a more sustainable memory value than just mentioning a web address.

A flyer which is present on a desk or pin board is seen more often than an online advertising.

Your online flyer sent by mail will probably disappear under the flood of new Emails.

Catalogs that can be leaved through by your customers - perhaps while having a cup of coffee, can be an attractive media. In the end they will bring them to your webpage where they can get in touch with you or buy a product.

Not to forget Artcatalogs, magazines or books. They still offer a different haptic experience which a screen cannot offer.

Exhibition Equipment

A special task –
Team work is required here

To prepare an exhibition on time a good planning is indispensable. Client, organizer, fair organizer, designer and the diverse suppliers have to work hand in hand to keep the often very tight deadlines.


In the end your booth, your product should look as one piece to catch the attention of your customers. This is not only done with the booth itself. Everything is important, the interior, the equipment, the presentations, the giveaways and the information material. Everything should match and be there on time.

No matter how small your booth my be, it should offer the ideal presentation platform for your needs.

You want to offer workshops, than you might need a stage, even a little one. You want to present your products, you might need an info space. All that has to be thought of in advance.

So your exhibition should become a success.

Einladung, Anzeige, Banner

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