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CEUS Design & Communication

Webdesign & Graphicdesign in Cologne

- Print -

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- Photography -

You searched for „Graphicdesign in Cologne“? Or „Webdesign in the Agnesviertel“?

I’m glad, you have found me. In my Graphic office in the center of Cologne I plan your advertising.

Since more than 20 years I have got professional experience as a Graphic Artist in direct care for clients and as Freelancer for advertising agencies.
I advise you in detail about design and realization of all your advertising media, online and offline.
As sustainable and budget-related as possible we will plan your project together until you as well as your customers are satisfied.


How can I help you?

I offer:

  • Coaching
  • Corporate Identity /Logos
  • Businesspapers
  • Flyers / Catalogues /Brochures
  • Exhibition Equipment
  • reponsive Websites with and without CMS
  • the right photos for your projects
  • digital Illustration, image-editing and photography
  • individual tutorials for image-editing  in Photoshop, Affinity Photo or Luminar


Please have a look around my website. On the sub-pages you will find more information about the different working areas. (Graphicart, Webdesign, Image-editing, Photography). In my portfolio you can get an impression of how I work.
If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Via Telephone (0221-12 07 646) or E-Mail.


I freelance !

As a freelancer  
for your agency - online possible

You’ve got more work than expected? Your Graphic-artist is ill?

  • Either you can make use of my professional working space or I can come to your office to work there.
  • I work with Adobe-Products for several years and feel at home in  InDesign, Photoshop und Co, also I speak HTML and CSS and have a long experience with CMS Joomla. My speciality is Image-editing in Adobe Photoshop.
  • I am relieable and team proven and I quickly familiarize with existing CIs  and new topics.
  • Please, read more about my person and have a look at my portfolio.

Please call me, or write an Email. Perhaps you would like me to come around in advance just to get an impression, don’t hesitate to ask.

Working areas

Print, Webdesign, Image-Editing and Photography



Corporate Design
Exhibition Equipment

responsive website


CMS Joomla
Website maintenace



digital Illustration




Kundenmeinungen: (german)

Praxis Dres. Pfeiffer

"Frau Schmitz-Esser von der Firma CEUS betreut unsere Praxis-Internetseite . Wir sind mit dem Service, der Kompetenz und der tollen Erreichbarkeit sehr zufrieden, einen besseren Support kann man sich nicht wünschen!"
Praxis Dres. Pfeiffer/Dr. Susanne Pfeiffer


Unsere durch CEUS Design&Kommunikation neu gestaltete Internetpräsenz ist auf den Punkt umgesetzt! Unser Leitgedanke ist über alle Funktionsbereiche hinweg konsequent für unsere Patientinnen und Klientinnen erlebbar. Der Aufbau der Seiten ist an die Bedürfnissen unserer Kundinnen ausgerichtet und die gesuchten Informationen, ob Fachgebiete, Termine, Kurse und mehr sehr leicht aufzufinden. Vielen herzlichen Dank Frau Schmitz-Esser!
U. Heckelen (Cranachzentrum) 

Künstlerin Dagmar Schmidt

 "Ob es nun die Website, der Katalog, ein Plakat oder eine Einladung war, Uta fand immer das perfekte Design. Auch wenn die Zeit manchmal knapp war, sie hat mich immer gerettet. Vielen Dank für die tolle Zusammenarbeit!" Dagmar Schmidt 

GFP Kommunikation

Es macht unglaublichen Spaß, mit Dir zusammen zu arbeiten.
Christine Schelmat, gfp Kommunikation


Was täten wir nur, wenn Du nicht immer so gut mitdenken würdest.
Sabine Richarz, Croozer


I posess a widely spread network of professionals

So I can find a matching specialist for all your needs. Together we are strong and get your advertising to the point.


for SEO conform Texts for Websites and texts for all your other media.


For special functions or specialized scripts on websites.


Your image needs a special lightsetting? Special Cameras? If I cannot do it myself, I will find the right photographer für your job.


In your printwork you would like to have embossing, finishing, special papers or environmentally friendly printing? I will find the right printshop for you.


Workshops und Photo-specialities

  • You always wanted to be able to edit you photos from holidays or family events? But Image-editing is like a foreign language for you?

  • Your Kids have their first camera or are exploring the photo-app of their mobile phone and do not really know where to find good motifs?

  • A beloved one has died and you you like to visualize his liefe in an individual Memorial-Image?

  • You have got a birthday, an anniversary or an exhibition and have no time at all to take photos or a video of that event?

So read more about my special-offers. Maybe I have got the right thing for you.

Fotowalks for Kids

Workshops Image-editing



Online Exhibition

CEUS Design & Communication


Dipl. Des.
Uta Schmitz-Esser
Krefelder Wall 34
50670 Cologne
Fon: +49 (0)221 12 07 646
Mobile: 0176 70 89 39 40
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Dipl. Des. Uta Schmitz-Esser
Find me here:

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